Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My First Blog Ever!!!

Well, it's happened. I'm joining the world of the blogosphere! I'm not sure why I've resisted this form of communication for so long given - as anyone who knows me will attest - I love spewing my opinions and enlightened ideas to anyone within earshot.

The inspiration for my entree into the world of blogging was the amazing women I met this past week in NYC at a writer's conference. Many of them have very inspiring blogs, so I decided to dive in as well. There were nearly sixty writers there, but we split into four groups. Ours was fourteen strong, plus an amazing workshop leader. The experience was both enlightening and humbling. I've been working on my book, "Little Pearls" - a women's humor novel loosely based on my life (no longer considered "chick lit" as I found out during the conference) - for thirteen long years. I finally feel it is "done," although as every writer knows, no matter how done you are - you never feel totally done.

The purpose of the workshop was to fine tune the pitch and pitch the story to four editors. I pitched it to three, but came down with a horrible cold (I'm still fighting) on the last day, so I didn't get to pitch to the last editor. I learned a lot - mainly that I need to tweak my pitch more so that it more clearly relays the essence of the book. I still don't think I'm there, but at least I feel I'm more on the right path. I also think I may look into finishing my bachelor's degree in the area of Creative Writing, and if I'm not in a nursing home by then, I may even go on for my master's. However, don't hold me to it.

So, for now, I am officially a blogger!

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