Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So Much Going On, So Little To Do

New/Old House. 
That doesn't seem to make sense, right? But that's what it feels like. I'm selling my current home, buying a new one, and both closings are on May 30th. Having been a professional interior designer, I'm dying to pick out paints, hard woods, and bathroom fixtures for the new/old house (built in '59), but I can't do any of that for another month. It's driving me crazy. Of course, there's packing to do, but who wants to pack? Not me, that's for sure!

Also, I'm getting married in a few months, so there's that... Again, lots to plan, yet not much to "do" yet.

All of this causes stress, but good stress - the kind of stress most of us look forward to in life. However, it's still sleepless nights-shaking hands-racing heartbeat-stress. In the midst of it all, I remain focused on how grateful I am for so many things:
Me & my "babies" Ethan (L) & Adam (R).

  • My kids are kind-hearted, brilliant musicians, doing well in college, and are looking forward to the great possibilities life has to offer. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my "babies" happy and engaged in life! 
  • My fiance is a great man who cares more about me than I can even wrap my head around. Plus, he's funny, sweet, hard-working, Irish (yes, he sometimes wears a kilt and no, I won't tell you what's underneath!), loyal, and damn sexy! I'd say more, but he
    Me & my man.
    embarrasses easily.
  • My family is healthy. Is there anything more important than that?
  • Did I mention a Caribbean honeymoon cruise in January!
The one thing I'm NOT doing now is writing. I began a new book about a month ago, but decided to take a break. I've been writing almost non-stop for five years, and I feel I need to step back, read, and see what life looks like while not writing/editing for a while.

So, that's where I'm at. What about you?


Laura Marcella said...

Congratulations, Debra! It's wonderful to see how happy you are again and that everything is going so well for you and your family. Wishing you the best of luck selling your old house, setting up your new one, and planning your wedding!!

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Thanks, Laura! Time really does heal all. ;-)

Susan Welsh said...

Love your blog! So happy for all of these positive changes in your life! So happy to be along for the ride and to have found a wonderful new friend in the process. Love you! :)

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Susan - right back atcha, baby!

Perry Block said...

What about me? I'm sitting here at the facocte PC writing a blog that nobody reads and the word "agent" has little more meaning for me than the person who never gets on the line at the insurance company no matter how many times I shout it into the mouthpiece!

Otherwise fine. Glad to see someone doing so well as you. Best of luck!

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