Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Else Do You Do?

Many of my writer friends are multi-talented. I'm not surprised by this; I believe it goes with the territory. Creative people have a deep-seeded need to create, and many have more than one outlet.

Some writers cook, knit, paint, draw, garden, dance, or invent things. Some take photographs, others arrange flowers. Some sew while others make furniture. Like creativity itself, the ways we can create are limitless.

I couldn't cook my way out of a kitchen if all the ingredients were provided in the exact right amounts with instructions even a baby could follow, and if I tried to knit, I'd probably poke my eyes out. I do draw, however. I draw a cartoon character named Mrs. Qurly Q. She's a plump variation of a stick figure with a single long curl drawn out of the top and sides of her head. It's actually embarrassing that I still draw her on cards and letters, but old habits die hard. After all, SHE'S FRIGGIN MRS. QURLY Q!

For me, my additional areas of creativity are interior decorating and music. Here's the link to my music website. Please feel free to listen and share. 

So tell me - besides writing, what else do you do? If you have a website, please include the link. And also, feel free to share about your creative process.

Happy creativity to all!


Pete O.T. Lam said...

I help people realize their full potential as glorious beings in creation on this planet. Some might shorten this to being a psychotherapist and mediator, but that seems far too loaded and limited. Website is in development. I'm also learning to play stand up bass, and enjoy doing improv and stand up comedy.

Love you sis! Post a picture of Ms. Q for me, will ya?

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Love your creative soul!!!! I'll draw Mrs. Qurly Q (which will take less than a minute!) and add her to the post. ;-))

Karen Walker said...

Hi Debra, we share our other passion - music. Wish I could hear you in person.

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Karen, I wish I could hear you "live," too! xoxo

Noelle Pierce said...

I was an artist (painting, drawing, photography) long before I was a writer. But I didn't start digital art until after writing, and I've been able to merge the two--I'm a freelance cover designer. :D

I also love to cook--for which I thank my Eastern European, old-school grandmother, who believed women needed to cook for a minimum of 15 people every night. I've updated some of the recipes with more healthful options, but nothing beats her full-fat, full-flavor dishes.

I wish I played an instrument, since I love music...but I never learned so now I listen to other people.

Great post! I might have to expand my thoughts on my own blog (with a link back to you, of course).

My sites:
Cover art portfolio:
Digital art (general):

Ginny Lynn said...

I sew, especially steel boned lacing corsets. Occasionally I knit or crochet.

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Thanks for your input, Noelle - so glad you liked the post! And, of course, feel free to write about it on your blog. That's the creative process in motion: we're inspired by something (article, music, book, movie, blog post!...) and we mold it into something that's our own. Love it!

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Ginny Lynn, You sew steel-boned lacing corsets? WOW!!!!

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