Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Says it All or Treasure Your Diamonds

That said, I'm going home to Denver to spend Thanksgiving with the people who will never leave me and will always be tied to my destiny.

Beneath is a poem I wrote recently to the one who left me behind. Scattered are phrases from songs I've written over the years.

Below that are lyrics to a song I wrote to my family when I first moved to California to follow my dreams. I've posted it before, but it remains one of the most relevant songs I've ever written. 

What have I learned over time? Diamonds (especially in people form) are precious. Treasure them every moment of every day. Never take them for granted. Never leave without kissing them goodbye. Always let them know how deeply you care.

DIAMONDS II (Random as the Rain)
The birds they circle overhead, a dance they cannot fight
Little children in the sandbox play with sheer delight
A plane climbs high and steals my mind, guides it through the night
Who am I to claim to know the answers that are right?

You colored me a love note on a paper cloth of white

I laughed and loved the dreams you offered, held them to me tight
I wore your diamond on my hand forever and again
Now it's in a heart-shaped box on tears that never end

Each of us is like a diamond, glaring in the light

Yet, blindfolds of our own design keep us in the night
Each of us is like a diamond, tainted, rare, and true
Striving to express our inner souls, our inner truths

Life takes turns we'd not imagined, choices strange are made

A shell game full of love and traitors, painful, aching shame
Our paths, they crisscross on and on, an ancient dance unnamed
One is here and one is out there, random as the rain

Do you still need me in your life? Do you see me on your mind?

I'm hoping that it won't be very long until the time
When pieces that have fallen, tossed as stones upon the ground
Will gather back together and the key to life is found

Each of us is like a diamond, unique and free and strange

Grasping onto something or someone to ease the pain
Each of us is like a diamond on a heart-shaped chain
Searching for that brightest light to lead us home again
J. C. Keys/D. L. Lazar - 9.5.10

DIAMONDS (Original)
I'm wondering, do you still need me in your lives?
And if you - if you ever see me on your minds
And I'm hoping it won't, won't be long - 'til the time
That I'll see you once again...
That I may be (may be, may be) with you again

And I love you
You know I care for you
And I miss you
You know I really (really, really) care for you

ooh ah, ooh ah...

Sometimes I feel a shiver inside
And I want you to know, yes I want you to know how much that I am trying
Could you ever, ever love me for me?
Only for me - oh, I'm asking of you...
(For me, for me and love, and love from you)

And I'm taking my mind to a simpler time
And I'm trying to find the love that I left far behind me...
Running back home where the snow sometimes falls -
Finding shelter in the arms of it all
And I'm knowing our ties won't be severed with time
That's a wonder, I'll treasure it like a diamond...
In my mind
You are my diamonds, I find
So, hold me closer to you, closer all the time
Know I do love you
Yes I love you
Said I love you all the time...

Words & Music by,
J.C.Keys/D.L. Lazar - 12.19.81



LM Preston said...

Beautiful! Would have love to hear you read it. Maybe you can do that for us one time. So when is the book of poetry coming out?

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Thank you. Maybe I'll do a reading of the poem and record the song one of these days... Poetry book, hmm. ;-)

Val said...

You know Debbie, I do adore you and your soul is precious. This is a year of an ending for me too and saying goodbye is often the only way to say hello to the next 'diamond' in you life. Your poetry is excellent and your lyrics emotional and wise. A book of poetry eh? ;) Get cracking bard Debra!

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Val, "...saying goodbye is often the only way to say hello to the next 'diamond' in you life."

This is so true. I've not given my current and most precious diamond all the love he deserves in part because I've had trouble saying "goodbye..." I'm working on that.

And, I hope your ending brings a beautiful new beginning. (((hugs)))

Leanne Hunt said...

You really do "write on target". Your lyrics are beautiful, especially the diamond on a chain. Just remember, you sparkle when you are yourself, no matter where you are.

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Leanne, Wow, thank you so much for your kind words. Made my day. ;-)

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