Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear Blog,

I've been sent by your owner to clarify a few things. First of all, please know, she thinks of you often and wishes you nothing but the best. [What-ev]. She knows you've been confused by her sporadic postings, and apologizes profusely. [The only thing she does profusely is eat chocolate.] She hopes people click on your fascinating links and are touched by the [brilliant] words she has [thoughtfully] written. [Time, she adds, that could've been better spent eating, napping, and/or watching Oprah.]

She's sure you read the posts she [painstakingly] writes, so you probably realize her life has been a bit bumpy of late. Hence, the undependable blog postings. Yes, you should feel sorry for her [send Raisinets], but no you shouldn't move in with her and help with the laundry. [Yes, you should.]

If you need her, she's here for you. [She'll be gone 'til Monday.] Feel free to call, text, FB, or Twitter her. She promises to [have her imaginary secretary] get back to you ASAP [if and when she feels like it].

Anyway, enough about her, how's life been treating you? Good? That's great! [Snoring.]

Oh, and one more thing. Your owner told me to tell you she'll be back to regular blogging one day soon. [Is 2015 soon?] She also said she loves you very much and is proud of all you've accomplished. [She never said that.]

So, dear blog, hang in there and know your owner loves you. [It's true. She does.]

Love always times a billion trillion gazillion times infinity,

Your Owner's BFF,
Amelia Genevieve Simone Bardot

[A dead ringer for the love child of George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.] [BWAHAHAHA!!!!]


Kimberly Franklin said...

I'm officially subliminalized. :)

Have a great weekend! And I'm glad subliminal Monday (even though it's really Friday) made a come back. :)

Ruthanne said...

Aaaw! Not to worry. You take whatever time you need.

Raisinets, huh? *ponder*

Karen Walker said...

Deb, we're all still here when you get back to yourself. Just continue to take good care.

Fragrant Liar said...

Hey, I totally get it. Yes, I do.

Hang in there, girl.

Jemi Fraser said...

Taking care of yourself is the first priority!

I could probably use some Raisinets too... :)

Beth said...

I completely understand. There were times when I just didn't have it in me to write anything down. I just wanted to curl up...but I didn't die. Hang in there, babe. You're going to be just fine. Love and hugs!

nsiyer said...

Debrah! Imaginative - addressing your blog. It left me thoughtful.Great.
How was your seminar?

Debra L. Schubert said...

Hello, all! Thanks for your comments. I really am doing fine, I've just not gotten back into my regular blogging routine.

Debra L. Schubert said...

Nsiyer, The seminar starts this Thursday. I'll let you know how it goes. ;-))

Laurie Lazar said...

After much prodding, your imaginary secretary spilled the beans and told me that you've been gallivanting around the world a bit lately, Mexico, Florida, pumpkin patches, etc. Reveling in each delicious bite of each and every Hot Fudge Sundae. So I told, "Its about damn time! mf!" She asked me not to curse or she'd have me thrown right out of the executive offices for good this time. And I said the only thing I could say, "HFS,MF!" I'm not allowed back.

Debra L. Schubert said...

Laurie, I know people. I'll get you back in. ;-))

Mollie said...

Deb, FYI, Raisinettes were just pulled from the market.
Dilemma. What to substitute???

Debra L. Schubert said...

Mollie, Seriously? Where's the poison. I'm ending it now. (Oh, and dark chocolate bars would suffice.)

blueeyedadri said...

Debra, I did the same post a few weeks back to my blog, now my blog says that your apology was much more heart felt, and sincere and he won't talk to me, thanks!

Hang in there Debra.

Debra L. Schubert said...

Blueeyedadri, Too funny! Sorry. Didn't mean to get you into trouble w/your blog. They can be SO temperamental!

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