Thursday, July 15, 2010

SUBLIMINAL THURSDAY: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I know it's not Monday, but subliminal messages come whenever they damn well feel like it, and I have no real control over them. You'll just have to deal with it. [Or not.]

I love Tom Petty, and in my fantasy life, I know him personally. [Yes, in the biblical sense, along with Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, and Robert Pattinson, though not all at the same time. Hmm, that might not be such a bad idea...] Therefore, I'm allowed to rip off his song lyrics whenever it suits my needs. Like now, for example.

I'm waiting, and it's undoubtedly the freaking hardest part. AA has the fifth draft of my [awesome, Earth-shattering] YA manuscript, and she even claims to be reading it. So far, two beta readers have finished reading this [mind-blowing, put-Twilight-to-shame] draft, and absolutely loved it. Of course, one of those readers was my mom, but unlike other moms who read their kids' books, my mom's opinion counts. Why? Because she's my mom. [I'm a princess, which makes my mom a queen.] The other reader is a 20 year-old, female, YA fanatic, who is my target audience. Theoretically her opinion should count more than my mom's, BUT, she's not my mom, so she's got less street cred. [I had to add this in case my mom ever reads my blog.]

These [resounding] reviews give me a drop of confidence, but we all know that AA's opinion is - at this [every] stage of the game - the only one that matters. [Please don't tell her I said this. I'd hate for her to think she has the upper hand.]

In the meantime, I'm filling my days with important things like playing spider solitaire, napping, tanning by the pool, and searching for a shore house on the internet. [Usually, in that order.] I would be writing, but I'm not one of those [annoyingly gifted] people who can juggle more than one writing project at a time. If I dive full on into the sea of a fresh, new novel [lousy cliche left over from my 7/8 post], then I will have a hard time redirecting my attention back to my current WIP to make whatever revisions AA deems necessary. ["How can a perfect manuscript need revisions?" you ask. GREAT QUESTION! I have no idea, but I'm sure AA will have the answer.] THEREFORE, I wait. And wait. And wait some more.

So, tell me - what are you waiting for in life? An agent? Book deal? New car? House? Different significant other? [You can leave it in the comments. I won't tell.] Whatever it is you're waiting for, I hope it/he/she shows up soon.

After all, I'd like to think I'm not the only one besides Tom [one of my many hot, rich, famous boyfriends] who believes the waiting is, indeed, the hardest part.


Lara Ruth said...

I'm cracking up. This was recently my FB status ... Similar reason and same reference (ahhh Mr. Petty). Best of luck as you wait to hear back on this manuscript!

I'm waiting for so much ... agent responses, action on the SO front, and trying to patiently decide next steps on a future writing part. I'm learning patience is such a big thing for a writer. Perhaps someday, I'll get better at it!

Ruthanne Reid said...

*laughs* All of those things except for a new significant other, as a matter of fact. Ah, material needs...

I declare them stoopid.

Also, the tags amuse me. :D

Debra L. Schubert said...

Lara Ruth, Patience sucks. [Did I say that out loud?]

Debra L. Schubert said...

Ruthanne, RE: material things, I wrote a song a long time ago called, "What Good is Money, Anyway?" Here are some of the lyrics:

"I've got a cottage in the hills and
a castle in Brazil, but what good is money, anyway?

I've got rhinestone covered pants and a Learjet parked in France, but what good is money, anyway?"

You get the picture. [You're a slave to money and then you die. Happy thoughts, by D. Schubert.]

Don't worry, just love a lot and you'll be fine. ;-)

Candyland said...

I'm waiting for (are you ready for this?)...
an agent, more time, confidence, donations for the fundraiser/contest, emails, the next time I see my band, 8:00 when I can eat ice cream in peace, summer to be over, something to relax me!!!!!!!

Lia Victoria said...

Right now I'm editing. THEN I'll be waiting - a long time - for an agent, and everything beyond :D

Jenna said...

Oh, god. Waiting is terrible--especially for me. I think I hold the record for "most impatient." And if I don't hold the record, I've got to be one of the runners up.

Currently I am waiting on a response to a query letter. I just sent it out yesterday, but it's to an agency (and an agent) that I really, really, really like, and the suspense is killing me! I'm also waiting on a beta reader to send me back some notes on a MS, though I sent her the entire thing and it's going to be awhile. Gah!

Jenny S. said...

Waiting, waiting. Who isn't waiting for something?
I'm waiting for an agent to realize my ms rocks like...well, Tom Petty. I'm waiting for lighting to strike my writing career. My real life moves along at an acceptable pace. My writing life, however, requires superhuman patience.

I'm also waiting for a good song on the radio.

Great post!

Robin said...

While you wait, check out your video footage. You made the HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY dedication list. Hope you like it:-)

BTW, where did you decide to start looking?

Jemi Fraser said...

Waiting is so HARD! I'm pretty good with patience - but I haven't got to this point in my journey yet. I've yet to be really tested. Good luck with it!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Oh gosh, you really hit my sore spot! :) I have two manuscripts with an editor on exclusive. The first I did a revision for. The second was sent exactly a month ago - not that I'm counting mind you. I know that isn't that long in the grand scheme of things, but it's really hard to concentrate on anything else. I'm trying to force myself though!

Debra L. Schubert said...

Sorry for not replying individually to all of the amazing comments. Please know, I am reading them ALL and am - as always - in complete awe. Hugs and best wishes always...!!!

Paul Michael Murphy said...

You find Tom Petty attractive?


Karen Walker said...

Waiting is torture, Deb. But sounds like your fantasies about Tom, George, etc, the adorable cat, and searching for your new home are keeping you pretty busy.

Debra L. Schubert said...

Paul, You don't? Huh... ;-)

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