Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Signed copy of THE ONE THAT I WANT by Allison Winn Scotch!

RE: BOOK GIVEAWAY WINNER I will post the random winner on my Monday post. ;-)))

Remember how I told you how awesome Allison Winn Scotch is? Well, she just got even more awesome. She has offered to give one, signed copy of her new book THE ONE THAT I WANT to one lucky commenter on my blog!

Here's the deal. Tell me at least one thing you love about me and/or Allison in the comment section before midnight on Saturday, and I'll randomly pick a winner on Sunday. Feel free to either tell the truth, enhance (i.e., lie), or tell a funny story about something you think Allison or I might do. (And, keep it clean, people!)

Also, if you link to your blog or retweet on Twitter and let me know, you'll get an extra chance at winning the book.

Have fun and good luck!


Suzyhayze said...

Am I the first? YAY!
Tweeted! XO S

Travis Erwin said...

What's not to love when the two of you team up to giveaway a book?

Ruthanne Reid said...

So remember that time (not) when the two of you teamed up to defeat the terrible space vampires with the power of your words, which were so well-written that those alien exsanguinators stayed up ALL night to read and were fried to crisps when the sun came up?


Guess it's just me then. ;)

les sou les said...

I am not a writer.

What I love about you is your ability to inspire me as an artist through your writing. What I love about Allison and "The One That I want" is the following from your interview with Allison:

"’s really a story about how we find happiness and how we sometimes have to take the blinders off to really see what’s meant to be seen"

I WILL read this book!

Thank you

Jamie said...

I love that Allison seems so down to earth even with all of her great success...and I love that you brought this interview and awesome contest to us! Thanks to you both!

Angie Ledbetter said...

What an easy contest! I love you, well, because you're the Schube-inator! And Allison? Because she's a friend of yours and a fellow Twit. Heck, y'all are both writerly women, talented, and funny to boot. What's not to love?

As soon as Twitter takes its shot of Metamucil and I can tweet again, I'll try to remember to do so. Going add some linky love to today's post too.

Do I get an A for brown nosing? hehe (But I meant everything I said about the two of you.)

April said...

I am not trying to copy les sou les, but I have to say my favorite line from the interview is the same:

"’s really a story about how we find happiness and how we sometimes have to take the blinders off to really see what’s meant to be seen"

How beautiful and true! I've experienced that in my own life, and I've realized that sometimes, once those blinders are off and the dust is settled, life is more beautiful and real than it ever was before, even with the bumps along the way.

I think the cover of "The One That I Want" is simply gorgeous and brings to mind the ability of the rain to wash everything clean so that we can start over again.

I'm not sure if this is what you wanted to hear, but regardless of winning this contest, I will be reading this book!

Keri said...

I must admit I have not read Allison's books but my interest is definitely peaked. What I love about you D is that you have an inner core of strength, love and faith that withstands the destructive forces of nature unharmed and intact. Many aspects around that core (mood, finances, body) may be affected negatively for a short time (or longer, I mean you ARE in touch with your innter and outer bitch my lovely)but your core continues to be what it is - full of strength, love and faith. It's not what happens to us but how we choose to act after things happens that define us. Keep shining that beautiful core sweet friend as it inspires many but touches all in some way so that our life is better. XOXO-k

WendyCinNYC said...

I love that Allison brought her kids to her book signing. They must be so proud of their mom! Cute.

jpetroroy said...

I love Allison blog, filled with great writerly advice!

jpetroroy at gmail dot com

Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome :)

What I love about both of you is your positivity (yup, it's a word!) - you're so kind and helpful!

Jenn McKay said...

I love the cover of that book!

M. Gray said...

Hey Debra! I Googled "new adult" and literary agents to see if I can find writers represented by agents who sold their stuff to St. Martin's Press for their new adult line. You probably sold your book elsewhere, but I saw you co-hosted YAlitchat on twitter a while ago and got to meet JJ.

You have a fun blog!! I enjoyed reading about your writing journey. Way to keep at it.

Mollie said...

Don't know Allison, but for you, here goes:
I love you because you know me and love me anyway. I love you because of your strength, your sparkle, and your honesty. I love the way you love your children and family - warts and all. I love you for the laughter and the tears we've shared, and for being there for me and my family when we needed you (or a place to stay). I love the music you bring to the world. I love you for many other reasons, but I'm working on my economy of words. "Again, but half as long..." said...

My wife REALLY wants this book, and it looks great to me as well!

Andre Zollars said...


You seem to me to be the kind of woman who has sucked the marrow out of life and I like that.

Plus, you play the guitar which makes you cool and more importantly you "get me."

Like the Joni Mitchell song I tweeted that night. I "knew" you'd get that.



Sybir St. John said...

Don't you love the sharing capability in our chosen path? I love the fact that you are so willing to open your heart and share with new found friends & fellow writers/creatives.

I haven't yet checked Allison out, but I'll head over and do so...all your recommendations have been spot on so far!

Melissa said...

I don't know you, but Allison is great! She's nice and has a good sense of humor.

I posted your blog on Chick Lit Central (Facebook).

EBL said...

I love your pep....and Allison, I am a huge fan of her work and love how generous she is with her knowledge of the industry especially for newbies!!

Nancye said...

I love Allison for writing an awesome book, I love Debra for choosing ME to win this book!!! :)

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Nancye said...

Tweet! Tweet!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Lena said...

I love that Allison keeps up with her blog, giving us insight on what it's like to be an author and advice for writers. I also loved Time of My Life so an extra thank you for that.

And you. I love that you help host LitChat. It's great, and I really appreciate the Q&A with some of my favorite authors. Also, thanks for hosting this :)

Retweeted: (@Lena1xoxo)

BRN2SHOP9 said...

Everyone is talking about this book. I can't wait to read it!

Robin said...

The only reason that I "know" you is that I just read Linda Pressman's post on watching The Karate Kid with her daughter. That experience coincided with her rejection notice from the ONE agent she had sent her manuscript to, and she was at a personal crossroads regarding where to go from here. She seemed very ready to throw in the towel and you gave her encouragement not to do so. That is why I like you. The reason that I really like you is that you took it several steps further, and reminded her that you have to send queries to everyone ~ mostly via email (saving trees) ~ and then you gave her what looked like your agent's information. Really what you gave her was HOPE. That was what she was looking for, because that book was alive and beating in her chest, and it was clear she didn't want to let it go. However, she needed DIRECTION because she floundering and you provided it. I would have left her a message about how much I enjoyed her writing and encouraged her not to give up, but you put your money where your mouth is. So, THAT is what I like about you. I don't know you, but I can already see that you are a person of substance. You don't just talk the talk, but you walk the walk. And, no, I didn't know about your free book giveaway when I clicked over to your page. I only checked you out because I was so impressed with your comment. However, now I am a follower. I don't tweet, but I am happy to post something about your giveaway on my blog.

prashant said...

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Anonymous said...

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