Saturday, January 30, 2010

My First Vlog EVAH!

Ok, this is a test, it is only a test. Your comments and my mood will determine how often I vlog. This introductory video is a little long, but there was so much I wanted to share. Let me know what you think! (Please forgive the Grand Canyon-sized bags under my eyes. It was a long day.)


Sybir St. John said...

Awesome job! I can't work on my laptop in bed...I'll fall asleep. We are totally going to do a Vlog when I come up to visit :D If only about the sheer trouble we get into as writers ;)

And yes, my dictionary and thesaurus are not only next to my desk, but also bookmarked on FireFox!


Savannah said...

I write in bed, too! That's pretty much the only place I like!

Jessica Young said...

Very inspiring! I, too, have my writing "office" in bed, but I lack the cool environment-controlling remotes. Must get hubby on that right away...

Jemi Fraser said...

That was great, Debra!! Your office looks a lot like mine :)

I don't have a handy dandy fireplace though... gotta go talk to my hubby!

Jo Treggiari said...

Very cute, and I'm glad to get to meet you, not face to face (since you can't see me) but face.... to...? I guess.
I write beside my bed.
And tea and chocolate are never far away.
Hope you do more of these.

Kimberly Franklin said...

Your vlog blog was so awesome. Almost as awesome as you. ;)

I so need one of those nifty computer tables and nice office!

Oh, and I noticed your fancy dancy book marks. They kind of remind me of mine (wedding thank you cards...opps...forgot to send those).

Can't wait to see you next vlog!

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
I liked you vlog very much.
You have a wonderful voice!
All the best,

Daisy Whitney said...

Gotta love the bed office!! Nice job. You have a great voice!

giddymomof6 said...

LOLOL! You are so cute! And you totally crack me up! I love it!

Great Vlog!


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Great job, Debra! You're braver than me...I have a feeling my debut Vlog will be half past never. :)

Loved hearing and seeing you!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Nate said...

Totally cool, Debra! So makes me wish I was half as much of a writer as I am a pilot - I still just don't look right in my writer uniform!

Since my wife pulled a Funny Farm and will soon become a Published Author before me, the old family camcorder is soon to become mine - all mine (she has trouble holding it up and is using her advance to buy a new bluetooth-sized one). So maybe I'll follow your lead and vlog a little now and then myself, if I can get her to stoop to mere cinematography.

I just know my "public" would be so thrilled...I can actually feel the rumble of their anticipation!

Oh, wait, no, that's just our neighbor's kid starting his hiphop hoedown throwdown on wheels. [expletive deleted]

Glynis said...

I love your vlog! It was nice to see how you are struggling through your writing days. Nice?...where is my thesaurus? Ah, beside me as always :)
I love the story mug ;0
The writer uniform appears to be the same as the one worn in Cyprus. Somedays it is shorts and top, it depends on the time of year.
I have a comfy sofa, a table by a window and a desk upstairs. I write at one depending on my mood and where the sun is.
I am not as brave as you, so will probably never add a vlog.

DebraLSchubert said...

Howdy, y'all! I'm glad you're enjoying the vlog. I had a blast doing it. I left out one essential item, however, and I've been feeling badly about it all day...CHOCOLATE! Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, do NOT forget the chocolate.

Ah, I feel much better now - it could be because I just had a chocolate protein drink, or because I got something important off my chest.

Either way, that is all. Carry on. ;-))

TerryLynnJohnson said...

wow! way to go with the vlog. Cool to meet you.

Alan Orloff said...

Nice vlog, Debra! I'm kinda bummed, though. Looks like someone stole my Connie and Dick story.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

My office is my bed, also. I can can spread everything out - me, my research, the cat, my journal, my lunch bowl. So glad to know I'm not the only one.

Sharon Mayhew said...

Cute video! I have enough trouble getting out of bed...I'd never get any work done, if I didn't have to leave my down pillow and comforter...

Vegas Linda Lou said...

The only thing wrong with this vlog is that you can't see that hot body of yours. If I were you, I'd be filming this in a sexy little nightie. Just a suggestion...

Indigo said...

I've been told I should vlog and let people hear how eloquent I speak despite my deafness. Uh...probably like NEVER. You are far braver than I am.

How did you do? You seem confident in the video.

From what I can gather everyone else was saying you call your bedroom the spare office. My couch serves that purpose, I can look at the woods, enjoy the fire in the pellet stove and relax.

Sorry I was unable to hear you to give more praise. (Hugs)Indigo

Kelly said...

Love the vlog, Debra! I usually write on the couch, but I do occasionally read blogs in bed!
Your fireplace is GORGEOUS!

mumfusa said...

that was classic. love the introduction to your office. i can't wait until i have a similar place to call my office.

and side note, what a collision of worlds. i am a massive fan of aidan donnelley rowley's blog, so to see you holding up a copy of her ARC was quite a shock. i'm psyched to hear that even only a few pages in, you're loving it!

keep up the vlogs, please.

Fragrant Liar said...

I don't know. I'm feeling rather challenged now. As a writer, I mean. I don't know if I have what it takes because, I mean, you laid it all out so perfectly, and I don't have all those gadgets, and I don't have a fireplace, and I certainly don't have a famous filmmaker (but if I did, I'd totally let him in my bedroom like you did -- we are def on the same wavelength there). I do have a nice mug also, but otherwise, I don't know. You have given me so much to think about. I thank you for that. Actually, I don't. I am having my doubts. So, thanks for that.

HAHAHAHA. I just noticed my word verification which, you'll appreciate, is "pityp". Not that I am feeling sorry for myself or anything.

Masonian said...

Yay! 1st Vlog a smash hit.
I particularly liked the clutch of gadgetry--so telling about our place in history. As I said to my dad whilst on video chat "we live in the future."

I was shocked at your exclusion of chocolate (but glad to see it rectified in the comments). I was worried some sort of chocolate intervention was in order.



Jeanne Veillette Bowerman said...

I almost wet myself laughing! I love you more than ever now, knowing you write in BED!

Emily said...

Adorable, Deb! My office is similar: it's my sofa. Can't wait to see more of your vlogging genius!

gayle said...

Loved the vlog but what is that thing that your computer is sitting in?

Amy Sue Nathan said...

This is your forte! What a great job.

Oh, I call them beepers. And, yes, they are essential to the writing experience.

jdcoughlin said...

OMG. Me, too. sweats, check. multiple zappers, check. dictionary and thesaurus, check. coffee without dick, check. We are so twins. I knew it!
Now, must get agent to meet me in NY so I can lose ten pounds. That would be the bomb!!!
Love, love, love the vlog.

nsiyer said...

You seem all excited, Debrah. I can see the child in you in your laughter and how you seem to describe everything.

DebraLSchubert said...

OMG - You guys are so amazing. Now I'm looking forward to doing my next vlog.

Gayle, My laptops's sitting on a laptop holder. I got this one at Staples and I absolutely love it!

Pen Pen said...

HOW did you get Charles M Schubert to do this video?! Ya know, not EVERYBODY has Hollywood at their feet! Some of us have to work for filming help! ...mostly at night...behind dumpsters...but it's still work!

And- Ur voice didn't sound strange to me! It sounds the same as it does on the wire tap I did of ur phone...and I have to say-Ur voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus! :)

And WHOA! I write on my bed too! We are Siamese Twins! I KNEW IT!

...U don't have 'Twilight' there for reference?! How can u ever be taken seriously if you don't respect the classics?! Seriously!
Plus- The Dick and Jane mug?! Be careful not to steal that story! I know I've been down that road...but when a story like that-with so much power and political resonance is close at hand-it's hard to resist. THat's how 'THe Graps of Wrath' happened.

Oh! and closing thoughts: WIll you marry me?! And support me in the way to which I've become accustomed?! U can use all ur royalties. Think about it. let me know.

Anita said...

I didn't watch this at first because I didn't want to hear your's always so weird heariong the speaking voice of people you've been corresponding with...thought it was funny when I finally watched that you mentioned that kind of experience...anyway, love your writing space! m hoping you're having a productive day!

DebraLSchubert said...

Penny, YAY!!! Your comment is HERE! I'm so relieved!!! Yes, I'll marry you. I thought you'd never ask. Maybe Katy can join us (if she'll leave whats-his-name) and the three of us can live happily ever after. What do you you think?

You compare my voice to a cross between Fergie and Jesus, huh? Well, I've never heard Jesus' voice, but I'm assuming it was probably a nice, soothing tenor. And, of course, Fergie can hit a note or two, so, I'll take that as a resounding compliment!

Don't hate me, but I haven't read Twilight (but I did see the 2nd movie!) Also, the Dick & Jane thing? I'm already in rewrites. Maybe if I change their names, no one will know.

PS: I don't care what anyone says, I'm wearing white!

DebraLSchubert said...

Anita, I hope my voice didn't disappoint you. Maybe because I'm a singer, I LOVE hearing people's voices! I'm always so excited when someone vlogs. As a writer, it's also great to see hear their inflections and see their hand movements, etc. Hope I didn't scare you off!

DebraLSchubert said...

Linda Lou, Sexy little nightie, huh? Um, maybe not. But thanks for the wonderful stroke to my ego!!!

Indigo, I'm sorry you couldn't hear me, sweetheart. My bedroom IS my office, not my spare office. Were you able to read my lips at all? I'm a native NY'er, so I talk pretty fast. Thanks for watching. Hugs to you, my friend.

Anne Tyler Lord said...

That was excellent! Great first VLOG! Please do more.

My office is very similar, except I am not in bed. That is actually a good idea, would save more time. I strongly agree with the "real" thesaurus,you find so many more word treasure scanning the pages than those online things.

Ruthanne Reid said...

What? What? You sing on Myspace? WHEEERE?

Your office looks coooozy. And this is a fantastic post. SO true - having things those with you as you write really are essential. About the only thing I think is missing is music. :D

I loved the vlog. And as always, your husband rules.

Marisa Birns said...

You are absolutely delightful!

I really enjoyed getting to know you and hear your friendly voice.

Also, so pleased that you added in Comments about chocolate being necessary addition to writer's paraphernalia.(See? using the thesaurus) Yay!

Please do more of these Vlogs. You know who would be jealous? Jennifer. Yep. You know which Jennifer I mean! :)

Also, thanks to your cinematographer, who dropped everything to come and help in your project. That's true blue!

Sara McClung ♥ said...

that's what writers do, we write stories.

I. Love. this!! What a great first vlog :-)

My life looks a LOT like yours :-) (sweats, mugs, different light settings... ah, the tough, tough life of being a full-time writer!)

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