Thursday, January 8, 2009

Six Cats a Week, I Looooooove You or (If You Don't Like Cats, You Might Want to Skip this Post)

Kitties, Kitties Everywhere For as Far as the Eyes Can See!
I've been asked by several unnamed sources to stop hiding my precious cats away in a closet and share them with the world. For the record, I never put them in the closet. They go there by themselves.

When I am asked, "How many cats do you have?" I answer, "Only six." Here they are in order of appearance in our lives. Nicknames are included at no extra charge:

Brother and Sister, Dusty and Cara
Dusty (Grand Master D, Big D) likes to give apartment tours. He doesn't seem to care that we live in a house, it's all the same to him. When we say, "Show me your apartment, Dusty!" he rubs up against chair legs, walls, banisters, doors, people, and anything else he feels like including in the tour. As the tour progresses we say, "Nice, Dusty, nice apartment!" When he's done, he falls over on his back and we pet his tummy. That's the price we pay for the tour. Dusty's favorite person on earth is my son, Adam.
Caramel (CC) is a Calico. Need I say more? Yes, of course, I do. She's drop-dead gorgeous and knows it. She's very particular and loves guys, especially my son, Ethan. He is the one true love of her life. Well, Ethan and Tuna. She and Tiger Lilly do not get along.

Next Up:
Tiger Lilly and Scampy
Tiger Lilly (TL) found us at my son, Ethan's Bar Mitzvah 3 & 1/2 years ago. She was a tiny kitten, all alone, and seemed lost. She's a true red-head. She's got quite the temper. If she were a person (please don't tell her she's not) my husband would leave me for her in a heartbeat. It's a wicked triangle. Chuck adores her but she thinks I'm the bee's knees. I say, "Let's go to Happy Place, TL!" and she runs into our master bathroom, takes a few steps, waits for me to pet her, takes a few more steps, waits for me to pet her again, then jumps up on the toilette (it sounds so much better in French), rubs her head on the flusher, waits for me to pet her again, and then Happy Place is done.

Scampy (Scamp, Scampy Doodle, Uncle Scamp, Boo, Boo-Boo Bear)
Scamp is Sweden. He keeps his distance and gets along with everyone. He likes to give back rubs by sitting on your back and doing "happy feet." When TL was the odd kitty out, it was not pretty. Our friends Mollie and Keri thought she might get along with their cat, Scampy. They let us keep him to even out the playing field. We'll be forever in their debt. When Emma and Zoro joined the family, he took care of them. They loved him and called him, "Uncle Scamp!"

And finally...
Emma & Zoro!

Emma (Emmie, Emma Lou Cupcake)
She's my little gray and white tabby. If you tell the others I'll deny it, but she's my favorite. I can't get enough of her cute little squeak. She loves to play fetch with her toys that include guitar strings, ear plugs, and toy mice, and she loves music. She'll spend hours with us in the studio.

Zoro (Z, Zuzzie, Fat Ass [he weighs 17 lbs]) Zoro is the biggest cat and the biggest character of them all. He sits on Chuck's head to wake him up in the morning. He likes to lay completely on his back or stand on his hind legs. And he's loud. He's got what we call "the purr heard 'round the world."

The photo at the top I shot today while taking a break from editing my book (see last post). I asked Zoro what he was thinking and he said, "Damn, those birds look tasty!"

So, there you have it. My babies. The loves of my life. I hope you've enjoyed the "apartment" tour!


Joanne said...

One thing is clearly evident here, which I agree with ... Cats Rule!!

Keith H said...

I'll stick with my goldfis. However, I am glad that your cats bring such joy to you and Chuck.

I do have my neighbors' cats...which seem to like my porch, backyard and roof of my garage. But they always run away when they see me....

At least they don't bark at not pleasant at all.
Especially when it sounds like they want to eat you.

So, I think cats make better neighbors. They probalby keep the mice away too.

As long as they don't poop in my yard I'm cool with them.

Keith H

DebraLSchubert said...

Joanne, That's for sure, especially in my house!

Keith, Like it or not, my cats love you. And a word of caution: make sure to leave the goldfish at home.

Roy S said...

Do Philadelphia laws allow that many cats?

My last residence had four cats, two of whom were in a constant struggle for territorial rights and considered all my new stuff theirs. Hence, much of it was marked by these two sulking power-grabbers each day on a regular, alternating schedule.

Happily, their attentions weren't exclusive. These cats would even mark my roommate, their owner, as she sat on floor talking to me.

Currently, I live elsewhere with the most talkative cat on the planet. He talks to me whether it's time to get up, to get out, to get back in, when you're walking around, or sitting in one place, when he wants attention or no more and most commonly, when he wants me off the phone. He also has this endearing skill of licking the upper dermal layers off the end of my nose anywhere in my sleep cycle. I'm a beer man, but with this cat, it looks like too much Ripple.

bliss said...

i'm not a cat fan, however i appreciate them for what they are...i'm a dog girl and of course birds as well. but love the personalities and creative ways in which your felines roll!

Dube said...

I am so happy to see another blogger who writes about her cats and posts pictures of them on her blog! :-)

Your cat Emma looks a lot like my cat, Boots. They are all adorable!

DebraLSchubert said...

Roy, Love your cat story! What is your cat's name?

Bliss, Thanks for being a trooper. I'm an animal lover of all animals, all shapes and sizes, but obviously, I'm particular to cats. I'm sure my kitties would love to snack on KiKi if they ever had the chance!!

DebraLSchubert said...

Dube, Thanks for checking in! I love hearing from folks I've never heard from before. I'm glad you enjoyed my kitties. You've got an Emma, too? Boots is a cute name. Nothing beats that, does it?

I checked out your blog and commented on sarcasm. That's right up there for me along with cats, chocolate and red wine.

Roy said...

Foxfire is a temporary cat, one my roommate is keeping until his owner gets out of rehab (I think). I'll send along a photo when I'm able. Sadly, my youngest dropped the camera at the zoo Tuesday and it appears it will never snap again... (boo hoo)

MichBish said...

Just wanted to let you know that Linus read your blog and is so sad he can't visit PA and meet his cousins. I'm sure Lucy feels the same way but she was too busy running back and forth in the living room (what we call "the kitty express") to comment. (Yes, people, it's sad but true. Debbie isn't the only one in the family with a kitty fixation - but at least here in CO we limit our kitties to two).

DebraLSchubert said...

Roy, Love the name Foxfire!

Michelle, Welcome to my blog! Tell Linus his six feline cousins say, hello and don't be sad! And, let Lucy know she needs to hop off the kittie express every now and then and "be" with people. I mean cats.

And, have fun in Vegas, baby!

Anita said...

We only have one cat---Ozzie---but he has 20 personalities.

Hey, I use a blogspot blog and every time someone tries to post a comment, they have to go through two word verifications and sometimes sign in. Yet, when I post to other blogspot blogs, I never have to jump through hoops. Did I do something wrong during set-up? I've asked for tech help, but have been given zilch. If you've got time and have any hints, please let me know.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Thanks for the warning, friend, and I did as suggested, skipping right to comments. The photos I tried not to see. *shudder* (See Colby's "Angie Hates Cats" vid at my blog if you get bored.) :) How's it going with the ms???

DebraLSchubert said...

Anita, One cat with twenty personalities - I love it! I'll get back to you tomorrow if I find out any info for you re: word ver. Word on the street is it's majorly pissing people off.

Angie, What the heck is your problem? I read your blog. You seem so sane and rational in a quirky sort of way. Those pictures you draw - brilliant! And yet, you don't like cats? If I were you, I'd get some serious counseling, girlfriend. (If you need a referral or three, let me know.)

And, the ms is rocking! (Pun intended.) Thanks for asking.

Dube said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! Yep, I have my own "Emma." We adopted a stray calico last summer and she had three baby kittens: Biscuit, Boots, and Tex. They're real sweethearts. :)

I will definitely need to start visiting this blog more often!

WendyCinNYC said...

Here, kitty kitty.

I tagged you on my blog.

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