Thursday, December 4, 2008

Continuous Tread Mill

Post Nibble
Ever since I got my nibble, I've been on a continuous treadmill working non-stop on my novel, paying special attention to the first three chapters. As you creative types know, once those juices get flowing, it's pretty damn hard to shut them down. So, at 11PM-ish every night I take a Lunesta in order to fall asleep and stay asleep for a few hours. (Note to Family and Cats: My laptop is not a fourth appendage.)

Shout Out
Although I hate to use the word "I" in the same sentence with "Sarah Palin"...
Like Sarah Palin, I feel a "shout out" is in order to some of the folks who've been extremely helpful these past couple of weeks. (I beg for eternal forgiveness if I've left you off this esteemed list.)

First of all, to those of you who read my blog and comment. Thanks! Your words are fabulous, you make me laugh, and you're brilliant.

To my husband, Chuck. Thanks for enthusiastically reading and re-reading my words, and for your great suggestions on ways to tighten up the story. Also, for the kisses.

Next, to Karen Carter and Amy Nathan. As Chelsea Handler would say, "What... A pleasure!" These two have assisted me with some pretty in-depth copy editing, and made suggestions I never would have thought of. (BTW: Karen is available for copy editing services at Check her out!)

To Carolyn P. - You say you're not a critic, but your support means so much. I hope you enjoy your inside scoop on all the "fiction" I write.

To Tom S. - If there's a funnier guy in this world, I haven't met him. Lewis Black has nothing on you - you're a comic genius. And don't think I don't take every tiny, little suggestion you make to heart.

Adam and Ethan - You guys are amazing! Giving me your support and telling me you're proud of me beats any publishing deal out there. (Well, maybe not any publishing deal, but you get the picture.)

Sharon, Laurie & Michelle - No one has my back like you three. I'm sorry for the times I was mean to you when we were little. If I had any idea how fabulous you'd turn out to be, I might not have behaved so badly. Your editing suggestions are ENORMOUSLY helpful. Plus, you're beautiful!

Mom and Dad - I love you, you're the reason I'm living and able to put two words together. I hope I make you proud.

I realize this post could easily be mistaken for a cheesy end-of-the-year high school yearbook romp or perhaps a suicide note. Sorry about that. My brain's a little fuzzy right now since I haven't been anywhere outside my study in days. (And by "study" I mean bed with notebook on lap.)

I'll post again after my nibble's in the mail!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like the aknowledgments at the start of your book thanking everyone. Good show. You should focus and picture your dream. And yes I totally understand the energy of working. I just have to force my way into my own life with it. Having 2 small children and a PT job kind of makes it hard. But still I write about 6 days a week for at least an hour (usually more) so I'd say I'm pretty dedicated.
So I sure hope to hear more about your nibble soon. Hope it turns into a big bite.

Amy Nathan said...

Thanks for the shout out! I suppose I, too, am available for critique services since I do it all the time! ;)

DebraLSchubert said...

Elizabeth, It certainly sounds like you're dedicated to both your family and your writing. Good for you for juggling the important things in your life! I'll keep you posted on the nibble, although, it will probably takes weeks...

Amy, You, girlfriend, are AMAZING! There is no way to thank you for all your help. If I was having more kids (which, thankfully, I'm not) I'd name my next one after you.

Sustenance Scout said...

FINALLY, I visit! Thanks for the shout out! K.

Vesper said...

Good luck with your work! And it's just fantastic to abandon yourself to the rule of your "creative juices"... :-)

DebraLSchubert said...

Karen, Finally! And, you're quite welcome. I hope to see you back from time to time.

Vesper, Thank you for the good wishes. I couldn't agree more. When you're in "the zone" time disappears and you are one with "the light." (Heavy, I know, but that's what I think.)

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