Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aren't Vacations Great?

Aren't Vacations Great?
OK, so this is a no-brainer. Of course they are. Although, this trip to the Mile High City is to visit family, and so, for some, might be considered the opposite of a vacation. Fortunately for us, we get along great with my family and love spending time with them. Like last night, for example. Me, Chuck, my mom, dad, sister Sharon and brother-in-law David went downtown for dinner at the Oceanaire, a fabulous sea-food place with an art-deco, 1920's vibe. Our server, Tyler, a Lance Armstrong look-alike, could very well be nominated for best waiter in the country. His service, along with the food, were impeccable. We started with cocktails. Chuck and I had the smoothest Tanqueray and tonics we've ever had. And thought I don't like to brag, we can practically be considered experts. To start the meal, some of us had caesar salad and some had clam chowder. For dinner, Chuck and I split the crab cakes, my mom, dad, sister and bro-in-law ordered the Mahi Mahi, and we all shared fried green beans, creamed corn, and hashbrown potatoes. And, to compliment this memorable meal were two bottles of 2006 WillaKenzie Pinot Noir. Yum, yum! To further prove my theory of Tyler being the best waiter in the universe, he treated us to dessert. And, by dessert I mean a baked Alaska, key lime pie, and vanilla bean creme brulee. If you want Tyler's number, I can provide it for a small fee.

The most amazing part of the evening was that the food and service were not the most amazing parts of the evening. The most amazing part was the toasting. My sister, Sharon, started off by toasting me and Chuck's long, and drawn out, I mean adventurous and wonderful marriage. Then my dad made a toast to my mom's health. Then I made a toast to Chuckie and to how much I love his cute ass. Then Chuckie made a toast to me for what a dedicated writer I am. Then David made a toast to Sharon for being the woman of his dreams. And on and on and on. I know this all sounds terribly sappy, but I swear, it's the truth.

Before we left for dinner, my dad was feeling a bit down in the dumps and didn't want to go. After some sweet talk from his favorite oldest daughter (yep, that's me), he acquiesced. At the end of the night he hugged me and said, "Thanks for making sure I went. This was one of the best nights of my life."

Correction: This was the most amazing part of the evening.

How are your holidays going?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Happy happy evening, and may you have many more such in the new year!

Big Plain V said...

I hope you're happy. You made me hungry and lonely at the same time.

DebraLSchubert said...

Angie, Thank you, sweetie! And, the very same to you.

Ray, I succeeded at all that in just one post? I'm better than I thought.

(PS: You might want to poke around in your fridge and take your wife along with you for company. There. Problems solved.)

Amy Nathan said...

Sounds great. We just got home from our week in Philly and had moments like that as well....I get it!

DebraLSchubert said...

Amy, I'm glad you had a safe, happy trip. We'll definitely get back "in sync" as soon as I get home on Friday. Happy New Year! D

Erich said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Always good to get the family together. We just got back from meeting Ian and Heather at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. Very relaxing! Have a great New Year's!

Laurie Beth said...

Delicious...The company, the food, the toasts, and the dad part too! Almost scrumptuously delicious.

Now that you got your toasts to each other out of the way, you can focus on all the things you love about me tonight!

2009 here we come!

DebraLSchubert said...

Erich, I'm glad you had a great time in Asheville. Did Lisa get our amazing version of Happy Birthday on her cell phone? (If you want to save it and sell it to Warner Bros., just make sure we get a fair percentage.)

LB, Did you get enough attention on New Year's Eve? 2009 is going to totally rock. Like says, it really is a new day.
Love, D

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