Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Straight From the Heart

I had dinner this past Sunday night with a girlfriend of mine from high school. Back in the day, we were cheerleaders together. The first time I ever got high was at her house (not to be confused with the first time I ever smoked pot!). She was and still is gorgeous, sweet, funny and kind, and has lived a most interesting life. She dated a VERY famous rock star for a while, and was married to a fairly famous musician for five years (sorry, I can't name names here). But, what was most special about our visit was simply reconnecting.

Comparing memories is fun - it's interesting to see different slants or parts of the picture we each recall. It's comforting to know those we shared so much with in an earlier time, have gone on to lead successful, fulfilling lives. I make great use of my computer to keep in contact with people in different areas of my life, but nothing can ever match up to a nice, quiet one-on-one, with a glass (OK, bottle) of wine in a cozy restaurant by a fireplace. (Lucky for us, this was the scenario on Sunday.)

In what ways have you reconnected with those in your "past" life? Do you get together on a regular basis with anyone from high school or college or from somewhere you once lived, or do you simply e-mail to get caught up? Do you have any great reconnecting stories to share?

Yes, I'm actually doing it! And not only on my blog! My copy editor made a suggestion for my book that I've taken to heart and am furiously delving into. It involves digging deeper into my rock and roll past - describing that whole musical world - and then tying it in to how I live my life now as a suburban housewife, and if and how music still fits into my life (which, thankfully, it does.) As she said to me, "How many girls in the 70's & 80's wanted to be a singer in a rock and roll band? And how many of them actually did it? I, for one, would love to hear about what that was like!" Great point. So, I'm working on it. I've penned over 6,000 words in the last few days, and I'm still going strong. Of course, this means rethinking the whole book. Should I make it more of a memoir sprinkled with humor or keep it as it is - a humorous work of fiction sprinkled with truth? The beauty is I'm writing purposefully and joyfully. And, although getting an agent and a book deal always seems like the ultimate goal, in reality, the ultimate goal should remain simply to write what matters to you - straight from the heart.

Any thoughts on the subject?


Joanne said...

Yes, go for it! Music seems to be your passion, and thus a natural segue into your writing. Plus, and a big plus, it gives you a platform to sell related writing. But more importantly, if music is where your heart is, then that heart can translate beautifully into a music memoir. Those are the best books. And I for one would love to read that story too! Keep typing ...

DebraLSchubert said...

Music memoir, hmmm... That sounds pretty good! I promise to keep on typing!

Amy Nathan said...

I feel like my life is in many segments, the past and present (and future?) divided up into digestible and very different bits. Yet, there are consistent themes and some consistent people through them all. People who are part of the present who were part of the past. I have been connected to many of these people all along, and through things like email and Facebook I've connected to more.

I will never forget a "Christmas letter" (you know what I mean) that I got one time from a former boss/mentor. She mentioned being grateful for the people who had passed through her life. It was then that I realized that not everyone is meant to stay, but everyone touches you and takes a part of you along with them, and leaves a part of themselves. Every encounter is meaningful, every friendship worthy.

So even if I connect a little bit, I know that is ok.

As for what to write -- I always say Write what you know -- and make up the rest!! :)

DebraLSchubert said...

Amy, I love what you said about, "not everyone is meant to stay, but everyone touches you." This is so true. Each encounter we have is a blessing if we are awake enough to notice.

Elizabeth said...

Well... I do have some thoughts. I like the idea of truth being the leading thread. I would prefer to read a book that had that in it over the other option. The truth most likely with sparkle more and less likely to read like something already done before. Plus it is SO cathartic.
And I agree getting it published is the goal, but not the one to keep in focus. If you write with the joy of writing as your primary thought, then it will come out way more interesting.
Good luck and tell us what you decided.

DebraLSchubert said...

Elizabeth, I promise to keep you posted. Right now I'm leaning towards incorporating the new stuff I've written into my original novel and keeping it fiction, although it will really mostly be non-fiction. That way I can keep the laughs coming and fudge a bit here and there to move the story along.

Keith H said...

deb, you are really doing a good job with this thing. Your posts are interesting and well written.

I too had a reconnection moment.
On thankgiving, by best buddy, that I grew up with stopped by my Mom's house where brianna and I were having Thanksgiving....anyway, hung out with the folks......
then we took a little ride over to his folks house....just a 1/2 mile away.

Man it i haven't been in that house in many, many years. And I remember having lunch there on many a afternoon.

It was just nice being around people that knew you when you were 12.

So., I don't want to keep going on....since this is your blog./.\\

any who...keep up the good work!

see you soon.

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