Friday, October 10, 2008

The Start of The Fall

When I was 17, I wrote a song called, "The Start of The Fall." It was early autumn when I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. I didn't care so much about the boyfriend, but the best friend part cut me to the core. The song had many meanings: a fall from grace; loss of innocence; changing of the seasons; loss of trust.

I think the song is relevant for the current hardship we're collectively experiencing. The fall of the worldwide financial markets is frightening and a definite wake-up call. How will we emerge from this free fall? Will life as we've come to know it be a thing of the past? Will we ever trust in our home values or 401k's again? We don't know the answers right now. All we can do is hold tightly to each other and hope for the best. Hopefully, the start of this fall will be short-lived and we'll all come out not too badly bruised...

Part of this trip to Denver has been filled with glorious reconnections with dear friends from the past. Like today, for example. What a wonderful treat to meet with my high-school friend, Cindy - a beautiful, vivacious, politically-minded gal. Catching up on thirty years of life is not easy to do in an hour, but it is well worth the effort! She is happily married with no kids (which may explain the happy marriage), a great job, and I found out she loves to play golf and read. What a sea change from my memories of smoking pot and listening to Neil Young together! And I'm looking forward to seeing Tom, one of my best HS buddies. I remember him in full KISS regalia and make-up before we went to see them in concert. And, Bill - a guy I met through work - and his lovely wife, Lorraine. Their loyal friendship is a true blessing. And, Kathleen, my dear, Republican friend (I do have some!) who is as beautiful inside and out as her home - the most spectacular I've ever seen. Watching her gracefully overcome colon cancer was simply inspiring.

I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. I only hope I have given them a tiny slice of the love, support, tenderness, laughter and joy that they have given me. During these difficult times, it is most important for us to stay even closer together - let's never forget, we're all in this together!


Joanne said...

Enjoyed the reminiscing stories with old friends & old concerts. It's been a great music era! So to put a happy spin on fall, look at all the colorful memories that fell in your life!

DebraLSchubert said...

Good point. Colorful memories are indeed priceless. May your fall be filled with magnificent colors, cozy moments, and beautiful times that become lasting memories.

God Of Thunder said...

Debbie, Tom, and the oft-overlooked importance of spicy food as a means to civil discourse: A theory.

Okay, first, it's a bit strange to see that the entirety of my High School self has become a memory of me dressed up like Paul Stanley. But, then again, it could be worse. I could have been Peter Criss.

But enough about quality 70's rock. I'm using your blog comments as my personal forum for social commentary. It was nice to know that, in this age of divisive politics, two friends can still get together and, even with sometimes diametrically opposed viewpoints, have meaningful and respectful dialogue about current events. No mud-slinging, no violence, no vitriol.

Good for us! I'm not sure if it's our incredible maturity and intelligence, or the curry. But either way, what a great evening.

It was incredible to see you after all these years. And it's incredible to see your talents on the blog. Next stop: NY Times Best Seller List.

Love to you, the CathoJewish Musictor®, the lads, and the way-too-many cats,


keith said...

Fall is a great time of year, your picture reminded me of a moment I had on a bike ride this past Sunday. I just stopped thinking about riding, and just was amazed at the colors of This past w/e was just great to be oudoors.

DebraLSchubert said...

I love you too much to ever stop loving you simply because you may be voting for the wrong side. It's true, our time together was a special as I thought it would be, and I don't think this is just the kick-ass curry or the below average red "wine" talking. You're still the bomb, even when you're not dressed up like Paul Stanley. Re: "Next Stop the NYTimes Bestseller List" - from your lips to God's ears (whoever and wherever she may be...!).
Love you forever,

PS: I'm looking forward to many more well written and always humorous responses from you. Don't let me down, because it won't be pretty...

DebraLSchubert said...

You're such a god! Thanks for posting on my amazingly insightful blog. And, don't forget to give your gorgeous girlfriend a long, juicy kiss for me. This will make Chuck very happy. Looking forward to dinner next weekend!

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